About Us

The world doesn’t need another IT strategy firm or technology developer.

Concentre is altogether different.

And for the right IT organization, that can make all the difference.

It starts with a holistic approach to IT as it relates to the business.

It works in the real world — because we create a practical roadmap to success, and because our clients actively participate in the process.

It lasts well beyond delivery, because we show clients how to make, measure, and sustain their own results.

That’s where Concentre comes in.

Concentre is a response to the ever-widening gap between IT strategy and technology delivery — a gap that many businesses didn’t know even existed. And yet, here we are.

Concentre is more than a business model. It’s a belief system. It’s a way of showing up, and it shows in some unconventional ways.

We Make Strategy Happen.