Enhancing Staff Utilization in Mid-Market Services Companies 

Overcoming Challenges for Improved Profitability    In today’s competitive business landscape, optimizing staff utilization is a crucial factor in driving profitability and operational efficiency for services companies. However, achieving optimal utilization comes with its fair share of challenges. This blog explores the key hurdles faced by services companies when it comes to staff utilization and […]

Data-Driven Is the Means, Not the Objective

Many companies seek to become more “data driven.” But not all data is created equal and “all data” can be an overwhelming amount of noise. We pursue a decision-driven approach with our clients to ensure that the right data and metrics are prioritized to be impactful to the enterprise. In recent years, data has often […]

Fund the Future™

Change is Accelerating As business and technology leaders, we have been addressing business change for years. But what we’re seeing now is an acceleration as a result of the pandemic. This is causing businesses to revisit and polish their visions, upgrade operations and change their customer and employee experiences. A good example of that is […]

4 Digital Photography Concepts That Help Us Improve Our Digital Transformation

As Esther Shein outlines in, “Digital Transformation has moved beyond a nice-to-have to let’s get cracking.” And there are a number of technologies that are continuing to enable additional digital transformation value, from Blockchain, to Identity Management in the Cloud. But the starting point for companies embarking on or driving their Digital Transformation is […]

Building the Transformation Team

  Your leadership team is the driving force of any change you want to bring to your organization. We tend to underestimate the number of changes that will happen to our leadership team when we begin a transformation journey. When it comes to starting on major change I often see over half the leadership team […]

Move Faster, in the Right Direction with Valu-ocity™

One of the consistent challenges that business leaders face is the pressure that comes from customers, stakeholders and competitors – more, faster, better. Most recently I have seen this with a CTO working hard to keep the lights on and lay out a three year vision and roadmap for technology, all while other teams within […]

5 Actions to Accelerate Innovation

Executives regularly cite innovation as one of their top priorities, yet they consistently struggle to build an innovative culture or deliver on their innovation agenda. With the start of the new year, now is a good time for business and technology leaders to step back, review their priorities, and define their agenda to accelerate innovation. Based […]

Achieving Legacy

Why is it important to think and talk about your legacy? The fact is that 98% of us have never considered what we want our legacies to be. And yet, our legacies alone define the ways in which we’ll be remembered. Recently, I joined a group of 100 world changers for “The Conversation,” an event […]

Project A10: A Case Study in Parenting

Autonomy is defined as the right or condition of self-government, freedom from external control or influence; independence.  On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being full on Autonomy, where are you?  Where do you allow your employees to perform?  Well, we experienced a life lesson in A10.  It felt risky, but the rewards […]

Hurricane Harvey: What Leaders Can Learn from the Storm

The most predictable thing about hurricanes is that they will happen. Inevitably, one of those harmless clouds out in the ocean will grow from tiny speck into a massive storm that wreaks havoc on whatever communities are unfortunate enough to stand in its way. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the media has been flooded […]

Driving Innovation Based on What (and Who) You Know

At one point or another, it seems that nearly every one of our clients has struggled to drive innovation. Whether they want to generate new ideas, evaluate which ideas have the most potential, manage the processes that can ensure maximum impact, or even “fail faster” on less promising ideas, innovation leaders face challenges at almost […]

4 Steps to Speed Up Value Delivery with Valu-ocity™

One of the consistent challenges that Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and technology leaders face is the pressure that comes from business leaders and customers – more, faster, better. Business customers crystallize the pressure from shareholders, the board, and the chief executive, who are all asking the CIO to work faster to deliver more within a […]