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IT Operating Model

Driving effectiveness & efficiency

Business Alignment &
Org Structure

Ensure that the IT operating model is designed to effectively deliver against the business strategy

Governance & Portfolio Management

Define and structure project/program and investment portfolio governance while considering budget constraints and resource capacity

Workforce Strategy &

Design and establish practices to recruit and maintain a quality workforce in a sustainable way

Productivity & Efficiency

Identify opportunities to reduce costs while maintaining service levels and improving throughput

Visioning & Capability

Define your long term vision and identify the capabilities required to transform your organization

Program Assurance

Structure, accelerate/recover, and measure key enterprise wide technology initiatives to ensure targeted ROI

Technology Capability

Apply a practical approach focused on high value areas to build out the capabilities necessary to achieve the vision

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

Apply rigor and a fact based approach to selecting your key strategic partners

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IT Capability Transformation

Building stronger, more nimble organizations

Global Insight. Local Delivery.