7 Healthy Habits for Hurried Travelers

Eating healthy while traveling for business is challenging at best. Thankfully, Concentre’s resident endurance sport and health enthusiast Consultant is here to offer a few simple, yet effective tips to help you maintain balance and stick to your routine on the road. Whether you’re flying, driving, or simply sitting in a conference room all day, […]

Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Home in Dallas-Fort Worth

You can still buy a home in Dallas-Fort Worth, even with the soaring prices. Dallas has seen non-stop price increases over the last few years and new neighborhoods are being built every day. Beyond providing a home for you and your family, one of the biggest reasons for purchasing a new home is acquiring equity. […]

The Best BBQ in North Texas

In case you haven’t noticed, we take two things very seriously at Concentre: 1) translating strategy into results for our clients, and 2) methodically ranking our favorite local lunch spots. Using spreadsheets, formulas—and yes, even macros—we geek out over everything from burgers to tacos. And since North Texas is home to more great BBQ restaurants […]

Elevate Your Thinking: Take an Analog Moment

Since it was built in 1965, RCA Victor Studio A in Nashville has been known for the talent that has recorded there. For some of the world’s best artists—including Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Justin Timberlake—Studio A makes their signature music sound even better. In 2014, a developer bought the legendary building and made plans to raze it to […]

Minding the Gap: Tracking Business Capabilities to Drive Value

As an organization moves through a digital transformation or major IT initiative, it’s essential for leadership to understand how every department adds value, advances the core business objectives and aligns with the corporate strategy. This is especially true for IT, as stakeholders strive to break down the language barrier between technology and business. But the […]

The Best Things To Do In Dallas-Fort Worth

One of the best things about working for Concentre is that our consultants get the best of both worlds: helping our client partners achieve (or exceed) their business and IT strategy goals from the comfort and familiarity of the city we call home. Not only does this ensure that our clients have access to their […]

Successful Disruption Doesn’t Require a Rocket Scientist. We Hired One Anyway.

Two months ago when we announced our new Partner, Kevin Christ, we shared that he was not the last disruption for Concentre, but simply the next disruption. In fact, during the Partner Q&A, he explained that our next phase of business growth required the balance of onboarding new clients and finding excellent staff to serve […]

“The Magnificent Seven” – Client Service Excellence Begins with Recruiting

“The Magnificent Seven”—starring Yul Brenner and Steve McQueen—is one of my all-time favorite films. I watched the 1960s classic again recently, and it struck me as an allegory on the importance of recruiting. At Concentre, we strive to consistently deliver excellence. To do that, it takes talented people aligned around common goals and principles. In […]

The Value of Radical Candor

In a previous blog article (‘Warm’ is a Matter of Perspective), I outlined the elements that promote perspective on the way to achieving team alignment. In my experience, perspective is the product of four things: Data – the information available (either to all or a subset of the parties) Incentives – the financial and other […]

Ten Podcasts to Help Stimulate Innovative Thinking

It can be difficult for business professionals from all levels within a company to maintain an innovative mindset. Between client meetings, deadlines, and even rush hour traffic, the “daily grind” can cause a narrowing effect on one’s thought process, closing off our peripheral scope of projects or goals. The best way to prevent this from […]

About Our Self-Disruption: Concentre Partners Q&A

Yesterday on April 4, 2017, we announced a big change within our company – our most recent self-disruption if you will…the addition of a new partner. This addition at the Concentre leadership team level is beneficial not only to our clients but to the growth of our company overall. Self-disruption is challenging, but to achieve […]

Become a Leader by Taking Risks and Setting Your Direction

I love the beach. Which is great for me, because my family loves the beach as well. The beach provides an allover experience for me, triggering all five senses. The sound of the waves rolling onto the sand, the birds flying and calling and the other people on the beach, including my children, giggling and […]