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Self-Disruption Complete…


Concentre has a new partner.

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Join us in welcoming Kevin Christ to Concentre

Watch what Kevin Bonfield, Steve Hulme and our new partner, Kevin Christ, have to say about Concentre’s latest self-disruption. Not only do they share what it means for the firm and our clients, but you also get to see Christ’s creative answer to his final interview question that secured his position at our company.

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Introducing Our Most Recent Self-Disruption

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Kevin Christ, Partner

The Story of How We Met Our New Partner

It all started in the winter of 2015. Our Founding Partner and CEO, Kevin Bonfield, was onstage at the Evanta CIO Conference in Dallas, TX discussing the transformation of the technology function with Randy Sloan, CIO of Southwest Airlines. As they presented their perspectives on disruption in business, part of the conversation included how the Concentre team has helped Southwest navigate the ever-changing climate within their industry.

Fast forward almost a year to the fall of 2016 when Kevin Christ was contacted by a headhunter representing a boutique IT Strategy & Management Consulting firm based in Dallas, TX. After listening to her pitch, he matter-of-factly told the recruiter that he was only interested if the company was Concentre. You see, Christ was one of the audience members in attendance at the Evanta CIO Conference in 2015. The more Kevin Bonfield and Randy Sloan spoke, the more impressed he became.

The headhunter put him in touch with our Managing Partners, Kevin Bonfield and Steve Hulme. The rest, you may say, is history.

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Kevin Christ helps clients and colleagues recognize and harness their potential. For more than 30 years, he has led organizations through complex transformations yielding exceptional results.

As a partner with Concentre, Kevin cultivates relationships. He brings stakeholders and team members together, provides focus and direction, and creates an environment of empowerment that drives disruption.

On four occasions, Kevin has served as interim CIO for clients—successfully guiding them through critical situations. In one instance, he oversaw the migration from co-lo to IaaS cloud and replaced a complex distribution/order management application. The results included an improved customer service experience and a reduction in costs. Ultimately, the struggling IT group saw employee engagement increase from 17% to 75% over one year.

Another client called on Kevin to assess a runaway $1.5 billion business technology project. He successfully re-aligned the risk/reward paradigms and incentives for stakeholders and vendors to help get the project back under control.

During a three-week pre-cutover assessment, Kevin identified 34 issues that could have crippled a large client’s enterprise. Instead, his team re-planned the project, mitigated the issues, and navigated a successful cutover.

Kevin is deeply committed to preserving and advancing the culture at Concentre—empowering people to step up and perform beyond even their own expectations.

Kevin earned an MBA from the University of Michigan and his BA from Alma College. He is a frequent speaker on technology, innovation and leadership. In 2014, Consulting Magazine named Kevin a Top 25 Consultant for Excellence in Technology.

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 Deciding to Self-Disrupt with a New Partner 

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